Power of Positivity

Power of Positivity

‘Choose love over hate when circumstances or experiences change your direction’

~ Ashley Marie Knight

I describe myself as being ‘extra’. I’m extra happy, extra cheerful, and extra welcoming to strangers. I wasn’t always like this though. Life didn’t always make me happy. It still delivers letdowns, disappointments, and sadness. But I made a choice one day, a choice that saved my life as well as changed it. I CHOSE POSITIVITY!

I chose positivity because failure wasn’t my final option. So many depended on me, so I fought against failure. I developed a daily practice of positive, uplifting speaking routines. These routines became important not just for me to speak but to also influence total belief in the words that I speak. I challenge you – write 25 positive words about yourself and speak them to yourself daily. When you practice positivity you release all doubt, fear, hardened hearts, and anything else you are carrying that is not profitable for your future. This was the beginning of my mindset shift. Removing dead weight and distractions was healing for me. Now I focus on thinking positively about my future. I’ve built my new normal that includes relaxation, peace, and joy in my new life.

Today I am a proud woman Veteran and entrepreneur. I own Words Unite Bookstore where I help authors increase their audience reach and book sales. I was recently awarded a commercial vehicle from Progressive’s Keys to Progress program. This was the result of positive thinking and believing that I could actually be the recipient of such an awesome gift. With this vehicle, I will be able to expand the bookstore, it will be a great addition to Words Unite Bookstore.

Choosing positivity changed my life, it changed the trajectory of my life. Choosing positivity was a choice – one that I continue to make every day. It’s a choice you too can make for yourself. It starts with your mindset and believing that you deserve a positive life. Start today! Choose positivity TODAY! You deserve it!  

Ashley Marie Booker-Knight is an author and positive life influencer. She is the owner of Words Unite Bookstore. Words Unite Bookstore is a Veteran-owned, woman-owned, and black-owned business. Her store gives authors a platform to highlight their books in a store-front environment and ignites the passion of reading for our nation’s readers. All copies of independently created material purchased in the store are signed copies for the readers to enjoy and cherish. She lives her life in the positive lane and makes it her mission to influence these same principles into others. She lives by the motto “Lead from the Front” and “Be the change you want to see!” Learn more at wordsunitebookstore.com.

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