Camouflaged Sisters Publishing

Have a book idea?

Ready to write that book but need help staying on track?

Already written your book but need help with publishing, marketing or promoting it?

Then you want to join our

Author Group Coaching Program!

We are looking for individuals who:


Desire to write a book

Need extra accountability to getting ‘er done

Need help with publishing (will provide options)

The Author Group Coaching is for you if you don’t mind working hard to accomplish your goal and dream of publishing your book!

Who can benefit from an author coaching program?

  • Writers with an idea
  • Writers who have already written some chapters
  • Writers who have completed their manuscript
  • Writers looking to refine their writing voice and/or their book message
  • Writers looking for a supportive accountability group who are willing to receive and give feedback with fellow authors
  • Writers looking to move forward toward publishing
  • Writers willing to do the hard work in a rigorous coaching program
  • Published authors who have struggled to reach their writing/sales goals and are open to making changes