Sisters in Every Sense of the Word

What’s really stopping you? I mean, really? Fear? Really, is that it? You have to do better than that. One of my coauthors on my next book project is from a foreign country and English is her second language. Yet, she came to America, learned the language and served in the military. So, what͛s stopping YOU? She truly inspires me because she has joined this book compilation project in order to share her story of struggle on the journey to self-realization. What is so amazing, is that our stories as military women have so many more similarities than they have differences

  • Most of us struggled with some sort of challenge during our military careers
  • Most of us were either running from, running to or looking for a different of better life through our military service
  • All of us will agree that the experience has made a significant impact on the woman we’ve become today.

I am excited for her to share her story in the upcoming book, but I’m even more excited for her to read the stories of our coauthors and realize that event though her beginning and her journey to serve may have been slightly different than ours, we are indeed sisters in arms because our service connects us but it is our stories that make us Sisters. Stand by for more information about the upcoming Camouflaged Sisters book – Behind the Rank. You can join our email list to stay informed at  To fight through fear you may be facing, check out this article 3 Ways to Overcome Fear Immediately

Implement today and live your life to the fullest.