#SisterlyLove | Does It Even Exist?

Does Sisterly Love Exist

One of my coauthors posted a question on social media the other day asking, ‘do military women really understand sisterhood?’

I immediately thought to myself, ‘yes, of course.’ Surely, many other military sisters in arms will feel the same way. Well, I was wrong and this really bothered me. I had to dig a little deeper to get a better understanding why all the negative responses were rolling in to this post.

I looked over the comments:
‘No, not at all…’
‘They’re petty…’
‘…too competitive…’
‘many have the ‘crabs in a bucket’ mentality…’

Wow, I wish I could say I couldn’t believe it, but the truth is I knew all too well why these responses were posted. Many of us women serving in the military have run across that one sister who just ‘did us so wrong.’ I think most women share this experience, this trend is not just isolated to military women.

But it was not all doom and gloom, there were some positive comments posted also:
‘…me and my female supervisors worked together because we understood the importance of women having each other’s back…’
‘Yes, we’ve been close for year…’
‘Yes, I have amazing sisters and I fell blessed to have them in my life…’
‘Yes, those who get it are amazing and will continue to increase their sphere of influence…’

And then there was my response, ‘I believe they do. I have some amazing friends who I’ve met during my military service and even more since retiring. I also believe you have to be the change you wish to see…’
I’ve worked really hard to recover emotionally from bad friendships with other women, especially military Sisters.

It was fairly easy for me because the good friendships have been so good and have lasted so long, they’ve minimized the damage of the bad ones. Don’t let one, two or twenty bad experiences shape your overall opinion of whole group of women.
Bad relationships didn’t cause you to swear off dating ever again.
-Bad kids don’t deter us from having our own children or becoming your BFF’s daughter’s godmother.
-Bad money decisions didn’t cause you to stop working on your job or going for that promotion; growing your business; or working on improving your credit score and savings.

The Sisterhood proves that there are amazing women, military women who truly believe in sisterhood, supporting one another, and celebrating the things that make us unique. Connect with us and learn more at http://bit.ly/cssisters.