Sadness – A Good Thing?

Having been diagnosed with depression and pushing through periods of sadness, I never really looked at this emotion as a ‘good thing.’ This article gives a different perspective on sadness, the emotions of sadness and how it could actually be something good for us as humans.
As I read it, I actually found myself agreeing with the author of this blog and recalled instances in my own life where these 4 benefits occurred.

In the case of #3, Sadness can improve your motivation – I know this to be true for me. I use sadness as a motivation to wake up every morning with the intent of having a good day. I recall going to the VA hospital for an appointment one day after a long weekend. Normally I can tend to my appointments with a smile on my face and make it out of the hospital still in a good mood.

But this day was different. It seemed as though every patient was in a bad mood, frustrated with the long wait at the lab, and just frowning for no reason. I thought to myself, ‘Man, I got to get out of here quick.’ But nothing is done quick at the VA hospital, so I escaped to the cafeteria for a bite to eat after my blood was finally drawn after being stuck THREE TIMES!!!

You would think I would have adopted that same bad mood lingering in the air, but I decided ‘No, not today.’ I ordered my food, it wasn’t bad and the cashier was really nice. I was able to see my Primary Care Provider, get my back pain addressed and leave the hospital with a smile on my face. Someone even stated ‘nice smile’ as I headed out the door.

Every day I choose to make it a good day, whatever that equates to in my mind for the day. I don’t beat myself up and I’m not as critical of myself these days. I’ve come to learn that compassion towards oneself goes a long way, especially on those blue days where sadness clouds hang low.

Be kind #BattleBuddy, especially to each other because you never know what someone is suffering through.  But more importantly, BE KIND TO YOURSELF.