Lila Holley is a combat Veteran and retired US Army Warrant Officer. She is the multiple award-winning, Amazon bestselling visionary author behind the Camouflaged Sisters book series. In her books, Lila partners with other courageous military women and women Veterans to share their stories of success in the military despite facing challenges along their journey.

She has published four books with 70 coauthors, with two additional projects scheduled for a late Fall 2018 and a Spring 2019 release.





Lila is on a mission to empower military women and women Veterans to take back the narrative and ownership of their stories. She believes there is no one better to tell these stories than the women who lived them. Lila has created multiple media platforms for women to share their stories and celebrates military women and women Veterans through her online radio show, virtual and live events, and more planned book projects.

The Camouflaged Sisters’ growing online community is where military women connect with each other, access resources, and share their stories.

 Camouflaged Sisters is more than booksIt’s a Move-Meant!