“How’s Your Relationship Going? BE HONEST!”

Relationship Check Up

Lila Holley is a retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer Four, award-winning author of three books that reached #1 on several Amazon best-seller lists. In her book ‘Battle Buddy: Maneuvering the Battlefield of Transitioning from the Military’ Lila chronicles her own struggles with depression during her transition process in hopes of helping Military Members and Veterans through the emotional process of transitioning from military life to civilian life. Lila is also the Visionary Author behind ‘Camouflaged Sisters: Revealing Struggles of the Black Woman’s Military Experience’ and ‘Camouflaged Sisters: Silent No More’ where she partnered with other courageous Female Service Members and Veterans to share their stories of success in the military despite facing challenges along their journey. Contact Lila at contactme@lilaholley.com or at her website http://camouflagedsisters.com.

How’s Your Relationship Going?

In this era of social media that we live in, I began to think about the many types of relationships we experience. There are so many ways that we connect as humans, a few are:

Bond – the process of attachment between people. It is characterized by emotions such as affection and trust. Example: the bond Service Members form during their time together in the military, a bond like none other.
Relationship – the way two or more people or things are connected. The most common relationships that come to mind are – Family (blood relatives); Friends (someone who knows you well but is not a blood relative); Associates (an acquaintance, or colleague).
Connection – how two or more things are joined, linked or associated. A situation in which two or more people share the same cause or goal. Example: Veteran groups, bike or car clubs, or bowling leagues. These often provide the comradery missed once a Service Member leaves the military.
Network – a group or system of interconnected people or things such as business or women networking groups. This connection is for a specific reason, they fill a very specific need.
We look at our relationships always assessing and looking for ways to improve upon them.

How can I be a better daughter?

How can I be a better friend?

How do I become more effective in my networking and building professional relationships?

Then there’s that one relationship we don’t give much thought to. This relationship often goes for extended periods of time on cruise control, not much effort put into it. We don’t really do an honest assessment of this relationship, because we subconsciously know how much we neglect it.

Have you figured out which relationship I’m talking about yet?

Yup, it’s the relationship with yourself. How’s that working out for you? The good news is it’s never too late to improve upon this relationship, the most important of all your relationships.

Do an honest assessment and determine where you need to pay more attention to yourself. Have you started on your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, to eat healthier? Why, what’s stopping you?

Do you really place a high value on the relationship with yourself? Be honest…Do you schedule time for self-care and stick to it? Are you getting enough rest? When was the last time you paused in all your busyness to celebrate your successes, no matter how small?

What can you do to improve this relationship?

Affirmations – positive talk/words should start your day
Self-care – bubble baths, massages, read a good book
Journal – write something positive about yourself, then release any negativity
Value yourself – celebrate yourself
Protect yourself – teach others how to treat you
Value yourself enough to have a great relationship with yourself. You owe it to yourself. Treat yourself how you want others to treat you. We value each other in The Sisterhood and remind each other how important it is to be good to ourselves. Connect with us and surround yourself with military women who will celebrate you and remind you just how special you are!