FIRST 5 Steps to Take When Starting Your Nonprofit

FIRST 5 Steps to Take When Starting Your Nonprofit
by DeCarmen Mitnaul
Founder of W.A.T.C.C.H

1.​Check With your State to see if the Name you want is available.
2.​Create your Vision Statement
3.​Create your Mission Statement
4.​Select 5-7 people to be on your Board of Directors
5.​Make sure that you choose people that are active and are more likely to participate in functions in your organization

When it comes to starting your nonprofit it is important to understand that it can be a lifelong commitment. In addition, selecting people that share your vision is no easy task. However, you want to be very selective and choose people that will help propel your organization forward. You also want to make sure they can add value to the organization and are connected. You also need to make sure that you have a clear vision and mission statement. It’s hard to lead others if you are unable to communicate your vision.
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