A Treasure – Military Sisterly Bond

Sisterly Bonds

The bond between women is such a strong and unique relationship. The bond between military women is especially unique and oftentimes stronger than that of blood relatives.

This was the reason I started The Sisterhood, I felt alone when I retired from the military and missed that special connection I had with my sisters in arms. I knew that if I was feeling that way, other women who had transitioned from the military must be feeling the same way. I was right.

It really did my heart good to hear from other women who saw the value in a network like this, made specifically for us military women. We’ve walked in each other’s boots and know the struggles of serving in uniform.

Only another military woman would be able to understand how torn my emotions were when I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter while preparing to deploy with my Soldiers. While I was overjoyed that my husband and I were finally pregnant with our first child, I was a little saddened that I was not able to deploy to the Middle East after training up my Soldiers. Unless you’ve served, it is probably hard to understand these feelings and the bond among Service Members.

‘How could you leave your baby and go to a foreign land and fight in a war?’ is what I’ve heard from women who have never worn the uniform, while my military sisters have shared ‘the look’ with me – the look that says ‘I know’, ‘I understand’, ‘Been there’. This is what Sisterly Love is among military women – this is why The Sisterhood was created, to give us a place to be uniquely who we are as a result of our military experience.

I’ll end with this post I shared on social media – Military women are rare creatures. Not like a freak of nature, but more like a rare species to be treasured.

Learn more about The Sisterhood at http://camouflagedsisters.com/jointhesisterhood/