Wearing Size Double D Proudly

Wearing Size Double D Proudly

I am well endowed! Yes, I am truly blessed and abundantly favored! I am overflowing with Determination and Discipline to achieve my goals!! I am wearing my Double D’s proudly!!

Well what did you think?!?! LOL!

I’ve worn Double D’s at varying points in my life:

Depression and Doubt
Distractions and Discouragement
Damaged and Distressed
Deprived and Disappointed
Downtrodden and Defeated

Well, I’ve had a make-over! And I’ve put on a new set of Double D’s:

– I like to think of myself as – Decent and Delightful

– As a friend I am – Dedicated and Devoted

– When I cook I create masterpieces that are – Delicious and Delectable

– My husband thinks I’m – Desirable and Dreamy

And I have decided to proudly wear Determination and Discipline as I strive to achieve so many amazing things in my life. These Double D’s allowed me to experience so much success in the military, I know they will take me far in my life now that the uniform is off. I’ve already published two Best Selling Books, coached and helped Transitioning Service members, and so much more. In my personal life I’ve been happily married for over 17 years, mother to two amazing kids, and grandmother to one incredible little boy, and so much more.

Yes, I choose to proudly wear my Double D’s and am prepared to receive all the attention they will bring:

Better health
Peace of mind
More success
Increased business opportunities
More incredible connections with amazing people

Here’s a great article to get you on your way to sporting your own pair of Double D’s!


Wear them proudly #BattleBuddy. They’re sure to take you far. You’ve served our country well, now live the incredible life you desire. I salute you and give you a shoulder shimmy and wish you well my well-endowed Friend!!