Warning: What Can You Do About Losing Sleep Right Now

Oftentimes when my sleep is off I think of the words of the mental health counselor – Sometimes depression and other mental health issues will manifest themselves in physical ailments – do you get headaches? are you sleeping well?

Sleep has never been an issue for me except…when I can’t shut off my mind thinking about all the things I plan/need/have to get done. When this occurs sleep escapes me.

I hate when this happens because I’ll be dead tired at 9:30-10pm and sleep by 11pm. Then I’m up by 3:30-4am – WIDE AWAKE!! My mind is racing going through my ‘To Do’ list or filling in the details of the latest project I’m working on.

This type of brain activity excites me. It takes me back to my military career when I had to push my self past what I thought I could physically endure. I soon found that the limits I placed on myself were just that – Self Imposed Limitations.

You don’t know strength until you have to endure hours of physical training (PT) at the hands of several TAC officers – rifle PT, grass drills, push ups, pull ups, flutter kicks, the chair, and who knew stretched out arms holding imaginary pencils could reach muscle failure!

I can laugh today as I reminisce with my #BattleBuddies at these thoughts but going through them was not so funny. But it’s these thoughts that gave me the strength, confidence and motivation to push through the emotional challenges of transition. #BattleBuddy remember you possess everything YOU NEED to make it through transition to move on to a successful life outside the uniform.

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