The Light Bulb Finally Came On

The Light Bulb Finally Came On

My sleep was broken up again last night/this morning. You what I realized I had along weekend out of town and have not take my vitamin in like 5 DAYS!!! I will be fixing that right away. On top of that I haven’t been eating the best diet and I have not been working out regularly – all things that help my body run at its best,

I was dead tired by 9:30pm and sleep by 10pm. I was awaken by my bladder at about 3:50am. After relieving myself my mind began to race, I tossed and turned, silently prayed and then I read the Bible. I finally drifted back to sleep about 5am. As I did I smiled because I realized 3 things about myself:

1. My body will tell me exactly when I am not doing the things needed to keep it running smoothly! I realized I had not taken my multi-vitamins and that has me dragging. I know my body and I take multi-vitamins because I don’t eat enough to get all the nutrients that I need to run at the level I desire. While I love to eat, I won’t gorge myself – even on healthy food – so vitamins it is.

2. During my 22 years in the Army I became used to running on the adrenaline created by the ‘normal’ stress of the job! Dare I say – I liked it! Yes, to a point I did enjoy it. I felt like it made me think clearer so I was more focused. But what I know now is – ALL STRESS IS NOT GOOD FOR ME! I know life will be lived with a built-in level of stress – that is guaranteed. I know at this stage in my life I can minimize the stress I allow in my life by the choices I make. So working out and decreasing life’s stress that I can control works for me.

3. I am freaking awesome! I AM! I know it and I own it! Know what – so are YOU! We’ve survived a military career! #BattleBuddy it doesn’t matter how many years you did or if you made mistakes along the way. YOU and I raised our right hands and committed to serving our great country! A mission not everyone in our society chooses to take on. Taking that oath took courage – courage I didn’t realize I had. We possess more courage and commitment than many members of American society. So push aside all the challenges of life for a moment and remember to celebrate just how awesome you are #BattleBuddy! Lila Holley Battle Buddy


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