Prepare Yourself for YOUR Journey

PREPARE YOURSELF FOR YOUR JOURNEY Lila HolleyMy air conditioner went out the other day! Ugh! It’s been so hot here in Texas – in the high 90s for several days in a row now! This heat is making every one in the house irritable – especially ME! The repair guy can’t get here fast enough! It’s miserable and HOT AS HADES! OK, maybe not that hot but pretty damn hot, for sure – and I don’t like it!

The other evening I had a conference call to share insights about my new book ‘Battle Buddy.’ I was very excited about this call and was ready to share my journey and some great quotes from my book. But during the call, there was one caller whose phone would not mute out. There was so much background noise! It really threw my thought process off. When I listened to the play back of the recording – it was terrible! In the caller’s defense, I don’t think they realized how much noise they created with their breathing!

This reminded me of how easily we people are affected by other’s actions. The truth is we can only control our own actions and behavior in any given situation.

preparation lila holley

I’m reminded of my military career when I would have to counsel my Soldiers about their career path and the decisions they made concerning their future. Often times, they’d compare themselves to others in the section or unit. That was fine – to use others careers as an example of what they wanted to accomplish. The danger comes when we think they got there without trials or challenges. The mistake that can be made is when we don’t plan for ourselves, our own journey.

Transition from the military can be a trying time in a Military Member’s life. A lot of unknowns – do I want to continue my education, where will I live, what will be my next career/job? I was trying for me and a very emotional time, as well. If I can be honest, I really missed the comfort of military life. I knew what I was experiencing was temporary because I knew too many who had come before me and survived transition. I just needed to prepare myself for my journey.   

We can’t control the weather or others behavior in any given situation – we can only control ourselves. So I lay here almost naked in an attempt to stay cool while I wait for the air conditioner repair guy. And I prepare to re-record my conference call so that I can share my excitement about my book with the people who need to hear my story. And I remind myself that my journey is for me to take. And if I can encourage someone along the way, share a few tips on how to maneuver through the trials – then that’s an added bonus!    
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