It Takes a Village Or At Least a #BattleBuddy

I woke up thinking about the importance of community. My daughter is heading to a pageant this weekend. As you can probably guess it costs a lot to be involved in pageants. Some of the lessons they try to teach the girls is the importance of public speaking, building your confidence and support from community.
In an effort to do this they require the girls to ask for donations from family, friends, and local businesses. Thank goodness for social media because Jaida’s reach has gone so very far. She’s been able to ask for donations from supporters locally as well as those far away. People really rallied to support and help her meet her goal. She was really blown away by all the support. I told her when you let people know your need, they are more willing than not to help because now they know what you need.
Same can be said of Veterans and our military. So many organizations want to offer help to our men and women in uniform. That is why I am so excited about creating the #BattleBuddy online community. There are so many needs to be met. From career services, to style consultant, to education, and medical services – so much is needed in our Veteran and Transitioning population.
I am so excited about bringing all these services together in one forum. Often times Veterans don’t know where to being to search for help. The #BattleBuddy online community will give them a safe, friendly place to at least ask the question, where do I begin to look for resources to meet my specific need.
When I was in the military, I knew the importance of having resources available. I knew there was no way for me to know everything. But I rested in knowing the people I could turn to and the resources I could tap into. Just knowing where to turn for help can make a world of difference.
Lila Holley Battle Buddy

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