Get the Eff Outta Here

get the eff outta here

Service Members get a bad rap for having filthy mouths – ‘You cuss like a Sailor!’ I know we’ve all heard this before, right?

But you tell me a career field with as much stress and danger as serving in the military where members didn’t swear every once in a while. I’ve been known to drop an occasional F-Bomb myself. Yes, I have to admit, it is true.

When it was time to deploy and leave my husband and one-year-old daughter I whispered an F-word – Fear. Well what word were you thinking?

You tell me if you could look your Baby Girl in the face and think to yourself – ‘Could this be the last time I see her face?’ Because that is the reality of war – people die! Yes, I volunteered for this career, knowing the inherent dangers that came along with the choice to serve. But that does not mean I would not experience Fear.

I recall a moment in my life when I used several F-words because the situation warranted, it was unarguably the most heart-wrenching moment in my life – After going through a round of IVF we found out we were pregnant with twins. We were overjoyed as a family. The pregnancy was going along just fine with no issues until one day…It was nothing, I thought. A little cramping, a little moisture – nothing to be too concerned about. As I lay on that hospital bed in the emergency room and I hear the words ‘you are in active labor…’ I already knew this was more than I thought – this was SOMETHING! I knew when I heard those words that this was something that would end catastrophic because I was only 22 weeks along in my pregnancy. Over the next four days I gave birth, said hello, and said goodbye to my beautiful girls Jasmine and Janae.

My first F-word was Fight – I had to fight to keep my sanity. I obviously did not imagine this life event ending like this. This experience could have taken me out mentally but I had a husband and daughter who love me dearly and needed me to fight through this.

The second F-word was Faith – I had to hold tight to my faith and trust that God was still in control. To be honest that was the one thing that got me through this, even to today. I had some tough conversations with God as I poured out my heart to Him about how I was feeling about this situation. In the end my faith remained intact and it was that faith that got me through.

My third F-word was Friends – I had some amazing friends who prayed for me, showered me with love and support, and were just there for me and my family during this tough time in our lives. I even had some Army friends who found the time to send their condolences while serving in combat in Afghanistan. These gestures made an incredible impact on my healing process. These friends remain important to me to this day.


These days my F-word is a little stronger – Focus. This F-word has been a part of my vocabulary for quite some time throughout my life. It took a lot of Focus to make it through 22 years in the Army. It took Focus to make it through depression and the emotional process of transitioning from the military. Today it takes Focus to write and tell the stories of the Fabulous Women serving in our country’s military. Focus – this is a word that has and continues to take me far in my life. It’s a word I use often and share with those who need to hear it.

So #BattleBuddy when you get down, distracted, or discouraged in your life just shout out a F-word of your own! There are many to choose from:






And so many more. So enjoy this article with some tips on how to remain Focus. Now #BattleBuddy go Fearlessly forward in your day Focused, Feisty, Flexible and ready to Flourish!!