Gain Weight: The Easy Way

So I fired up the old treadmill this morning! It had been a long time since we spent some quality time together. Yup, I am a victim of …. Retirement Weight!

My health is not significantly impacted by the extra 20-25 lbs I am carrying around with me. Or at least I thought so until this weekend. My ankle has been aching and popping all weekend – as if I twisted it or landed on it wrong. I know this has to be the result of the extra weight and the lack of exercise and I have no one to blame but myself.

This blog has nothing to do with vanity but everything to do with taking responsibility for my actions. I am the one who made excuses why I couldn’t work out. I am the one who hit the snooze button. I am the one who shoved whatever I wanted into this mouth of mine. I am the one who is responsible for my actions and no one else.

So this morning there I was sweating and finally pushing myself for a good old fashion, butt-kicking workout. And you know what – I felt really good afterwards! I know I will probably be sore tomorrow but it will be worth it. I still need to make some medical appointments at the VA to have my ankle looked at, and my eyes checked, and it’s time to see the chiropractor for my back once again. But whatever I can do to add years to my life I am going to do my part because #BattleBuddies have to first take care of ourselves so we are around to look out for our Buddies to the left and to the right! HOOAH!

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