Don’t Be Like That…I Need You!

Don’t Be Like That…I Need You!

I woke up to the sounds of taunts from none other than my….Treadmill!

Veterans Coach Lila Holley Don't Be Like That...I Need You!Yes, my Treadmill! We have this weird relationship going on. I love the way he makes me feel, I just don’t like his process. He likes when I use him up and gets sad when I take long breaks from him.

The breaks are often not intentional. I would never intentionally hurt his feelings. I mean, he’s so good for me why would I want to hurt him, right? I feel sometimes he just doesn’t understand me. Here’s how our conversation went this morning:

T: ‘Mmmm hhmmm, I knew it. What’s you’re excuse today?’
Me: Huh, who’s that waking me up this early after I pulled a late night working so hard on…?
T: You know who this is! Stop acting brand new!
Me: Hmm!
T: I’ve heard it all too many times before…’this time is going to be different’ ‘I really need you’ ‘I’ve been a bad girl!’ Stop talking dirty to me! Building up my hope only to let me down…once again!
Me: Did you not see me crawl into bed at 1am? I need my rest. I was serious about reuniting with you. You know how much you do for me. I appreciate that and I don’t take it for granted. I’m just a little tired today…then I have so much work to do…there is tomorrow.
T: Yeah, ok. The only thing I ask is don’t blame me when you struggle to get into your favorite pair of jeans. You know the ones that make your butt go “POW!” Yeah, those. I like them too!
Me: Oh yes, I do like those jeans! And so does hubby. Hmmm… Well, when you put it like that….and I am fully awake now. Why not?!?
T: There you go! I knew you had in you to do! Come on let’s get it!
Me: Ok, let me lace up my sneakers…

Veterans Coach Lila Holley Don't Be Like That...I Need YouNeedless to say, Treadmill was right. I don’t know if his trickery, the awesome guilt he laid on me, or if the honest truth got me out that bed after just four and a half hours of sleep. Whatever it was I’m glad I moved because I am now seeing the scale move as well. Moving in the right direction that is!

Have fun with working out #BattleBuddy because it’s easy to make excuses and put it off. These extras pounds remind me that I am able to be consistent with something – EATING! I now chose to be consistent with something else – Making my HEALTH a priority!

Lila Holley Battle Buddy

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