It all started with wanting to SHARE OUR STORIES….


  • After my 22-year military career I felt lost and looked for books with stories from women who shared my experiences…there weren’t many to choose from. I learned that many women Veterans felt this way.


  • After many conversations with fellow women Veterans, I realized that we (military women and women Veterans) have some amazing stories of overcoming trials, tribulations and challenges in both life and our military careers to achieve success – WHO was telling these stories about us?


  • It all started with a desire to share our stories…And so Camouflaged Sisters was birthed! We wanted to share parts of our stories that made us the incredible women we became because of our military service and our strength to fight through challenges we faced along our journeys.


  • Camouflaged Sisters has blossomed into a powerful Sisterhood! This is a safe place for women Veterans to share their stories. It’s a no-judgement zone where women Veterans can comfortably and freely be themselves.


  • Our books help military know they are not alone on their journey of service and life after service. We share our stories with the hope of healing, empowering, and strengthening the bond of Sisterhood among military women, women Veterans and military spouses.


Women Veterans are not a freak of nature, we’re more like a rare species – One that should be valued for its uniqueness.